Thursday, January 19, 2017

hopeful for tomorrow

i will 100% admit to being nervous for the future. our future president, his cabinet, and his policies are all anxiety inducing. however, i've come to the realization that nothing is changing. no one is going to come in and save america at the last minute. so here is what i will say: i wish president-elect trump good luck. i hope that he takes his job as president as seriously as it should be. i don't agree with anything he says or stands for, but i hope that he is sobered by the reaction of america to his election. most of all, i hope he will take our needs as individuals, as women, as people of color, as disabled peoples, as immigrants,  as members of the LGBTQ community, and as americans to heart with every decision that comes out of his office.

I found this cute art collaboration created by Refinery29 and some really talented artists. It's so so cute for phone backgrounds and also just for some positive vibes. enjoyyyy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

for my lipstick loving ladies

lipstick hoarders: unite! the best part of my makeup routine (aside from my eyelashes that turn my eyes from dead to perky), is my lip color. ever since I began wearing makeup, my lips have always been my finishing and favorite routine. 

so now I'm here to share the best kept lips secret. and that is colourpop cosmetics
I have always shied away from the matte lip trend. my lips are pretty full and because of that they look reaaaallyyy nasty. I tried using a kylie lipkit but it was just not a cute look. that said, colourpop's ultra matte lips are not at all drying and last forever! I also got a gloss and two lippie stix. I was seriously so impressed with lippie stix. my everyday color right now is "konichiwa" from the hello kitty x colourpop collection.

now for the fun bit. I've taken swatches of each color I bought. all these colors (except one) are very neutral colors that work for everyday wear.
1. lumiere 2 ultra matte lip - really pretty purple-y pink color. looks rad on my dark haired girls.
2. lumiere matte lippie stix - pink color with brown undertones. really lovely neutral color for all skin tones.
3. bad habit ultra matte lip - nice berry toned lip. looks really cute with allll holiday outfits.
4. konichiwa creme lippie stix - the most adorable light pink color. a pop of color for those not daring enought to wear red or bright pink on the daily. 
5. clueless ultra matte lip - it's what I'm wearing while writing this. nude with pink undertones perfect for my fellow pale friends.
6. supercute ultra glossy lip - this gloss looks great put over any lip color or just by itself. very sparkly with champagne pink being the most dominant color.

I seriously would recommend that everyone look into buying colourpop. I can promise that I will be investing more of their products in the future. 

(fun little tidbit: if there is a kylie cosmetics color you've been dying to try, check out the lipstick selections on colourpop's site because you can generally find some pretty good dupes).

back at it againnnn

okay okay i know. i was supposed to upkeep this page. trust me, I KNOWWWWWWW. ugh honestly I can't even believe I lasted for as short a time as I did. but no more! i'm back and ready for action. the reminder is set in my phone to write once weekly and my new years resolution to be better at this whole blogging thing is written in my journal. so here we are again.

i keep thinking that perhaps i don't blog because i'm not interesting enough. i believe that to some extent, this is true, but it also isn't.

let me explain:

 i know i'm interesting, but i don't think i allow myself to see the interesting things in my daily life that i don't consider important.


in an effort to have cool things to show and write about, i've made a list of the things in my life that not everyone would consider ordinary. i won't put that list on here, simply because it will be a spoiler of posts to come if i do.

anywayys, all I'm saying is you should be looking forward to the posts coming up soon!

Monday, August 8, 2016

these are a few of my favorite things

I love compiling lists, and what better list to create than a list of things I love?!

this cute lil choker. I don't personally have one, but it's definitely going to be my next purchase/DIY!

honestly I just love any bath bomb...

crunchy strawberry rambos: the best Swedish candy known to man.

ANY nude nail polish, although I am partial to essie.

Lush's dream cram is actually a dream. 

Dirty diet coke. If you don't know what it is, use this recipe and treat yourself.

I love the Covergirl Lip Lava glosses. My favorite color is lychee.

And last, but certainly not least, my Kanken backpack. It's cute and doesn't make my back sore after wearing it for extended periods of time.

Friday, July 8, 2016

my problem with #alllivesmatter

I was scrolling through my twitter feed this morning, reading articles about the Dallas shooting and seeing the condolences and prayers being sent to the families of the lost officers. However, I then came across several people who had tweeted #alllivesmatter. This really got me thinking about the history of the #alllivesmatter and its relativity to the #blacklivesmatter movement.

I can honestly say I hate nothing more than the #alllivesmatter hashtag. But not for the reason you think.

Do I think all lives matter? Absolutely. Every human life matters. Black or White. Gay or Straight. Young or Old. Religious or Atheist. I absolutely value every single life on the planet.

However, where I have an issue is when people feel somehow less valued because one single group of people is being highlighted. 

Let me explain.

I recognize my white privilege. I know that my upper-middle class self will be able to get through life fairly unscathed. In recognizing my own privilege, I have also come to see the struggles others have that I will never face. The one I think I recognize the most is the relationship between black people and police brutality, purely because of the prevalence of police brutality aimed directly at the black community seeing as how it's what I have grown up seeing (this is a whole separate post for another time). 

The first time I remember seeing the #blacklivesmatter was right after the shooting of Michael Brown. I remember seeing it and thinking "This is awesome. I totally love this movement." Shortly after seeing #blacklivesmatter for the first time, a friend of mine tweeted #alllivesmatter. I couldn't put my finger on why, but I was indifferent to it. Obviously I support all people, but there was something about defensively stating that all lives matter in the wake of a horrible event that had effected the black community in the past and has continued to effect the black community that I really disliked.

Just recently, I came to realize why that is so.

The #alllivesmatter movement bothers me because it draws attention away from tragedy in a group of people unlike yourself in order to promote equality. Equality is good. However, why is it that white kids are tweeting #alllivesmatter when the likelihood of them going through a similar event is so astronomically tiny? Why do these people feel they need equality when our fellow humans are experiencing a series of events that we will never be able to say we've equally experienced?

What worries me is that I see this same trend throughout so many aspects of modern life.

People weren't demanding a straight pride day until there was a gay pride day.

White history month wasn't argued until black history month was recognized.

#alllivesmatter didn't matter until we highlighted the importance of black lives.

Equality is earned when two things are equal. And things are not equal.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016