Thursday, January 19, 2017

hopeful for tomorrow

i will 100% admit to being nervous for the future. our future president, his cabinet, and his policies are all anxiety inducing. however, i've come to the realization that nothing is changing. no one is going to come in and save america at the last minute. so here is what i will say: i wish president-elect trump good luck. i hope that he takes his job as president as seriously as it should be. i don't agree with anything he says or stands for, but i hope that he is sobered by the reaction of america to his election. most of all, i hope he will take our needs as individuals, as women, as people of color, as disabled peoples, as immigrants,  as members of the LGBTQ community, and as americans to heart with every decision that comes out of his office.

I found this cute art collaboration created by Refinery29 and some really talented artists. It's so so cute for phone backgrounds and also just for some positive vibes. enjoyyyy!

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